Wix has a new AI-powered website builder editor


Wix improved his website builder with the launch of a new editor offering a personalized web creation tool for each user.

The launch essentially sees the company combine its Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) features with its classic Wix editor, offering new themes, section layout suggestions for design optimization, as well as a more editable tool. fast for content management.

The classic Wix editor does not currently use artificial intelligence, but the new editor offers AI features to guide the creation and design of website building elements.

Website Builder Redesign

Coming soon to Wix ADI users, the new editor offers pre-designed kits that include colors and fonts tied to website elements so users can customize themes on newly created sites.

“The needs and intentions of our users are at the forefront of our product development,” said Avishai Abrahami, co-founder and CEO of Wix.

“I’m proud of our dedicated team who listened to our users’ needs, predicted trends, and worked to innovate the entire creative process, making website design faster and more intuitive to meet the online demands of today’s creators and business owners. Our mission has always been to be a platform where any type of user and any type of business can create their dreams online, and the new Wix Editor helps set the stage for the future of creation.

The new editor also comes with customizable full-width building blocks that allow users to divide the page into separate content elements, to help web designers navigate page content and work on one section at a time. .

“With the creation of the new Wix Editor, we wanted users to feel that a professional web designer was accompanying them in their creation process. Every aspect of this was designed to help guide users based on their intent and simplify the creation process,” added Oded Nachshon, Head of Wix Editor.

“This new offering aligns with the needs of today’s self-creators as well as professional users. The platform removes the hurdles that typically complicate website creation and empowers users to keep their site up-to-date and on-brand with the latest technology. »

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