What you need to know about web design

What you need to know about web design

Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Visual Communication Design Department, Professor Emre Tandırlı shared the important things to consider and avoid when designing a website today.

It is very important that the website designs are designed to meet the needs of the users in an efficient and practical way, and that they are compatible with all devices in terms of functionality. Stating that the basic cyclical processes of daily life, which have been digitized with the pandemic, are now mostly carried out from web-based or app-based platforms, experts express that user-friendly web design is more than ever necessary in such an environment. teacher. Dr. Emre Tandırlı points out that to reach the digital user, it is necessary to get rid of the stereotypical standard page templates and create different, creative and novel designs.

Updated rules to follow

Stating that the concept of user-friendly web design should be defined as correct web design, Professor Emre Tandırlı said, “The basic rules that should be observed and adhered to are the same in order to effectively and practically meet the needs of the user. , and to present utility and visually fundamental aesthetic values ​​in a balanced manner. With the introduction of innovative solutions such as the development of technology, internet speed and user interaction, these rules repeat and update. They should therefore be defined as parameters rather than rules and considered categorically. said.

There is a harmonious link between functionality and visual aesthetics

Stating that there is a balanced and harmonious connection between the two roof values ​​called functionality and visual aesthetics in digital design based on web and mobile applications, Professor Dr. Emre Tandırlı said, “Basically, we can express the parameters to be respected within these two framework paradigms as follows; reflect the information, products and services offered in a manner consistent with the original corporate identity, which is possible with a visual aesthetic sensibility that respects basic design principles. In addition, the creation of the necessary hardware and IT infrastructures that can work in full compatibility with all the devices of this digital offer, which is a very important question in terms of functionality. he said.

A user-friendly web design is necessary

Expressing that the concept of usability not only in web design but in all areas of design is inevitably closely associated with functionality, Professor Emre Tandırlı continued his remarks as follows:

“It is obvious that the basic cyclical processes of our daily life, which have become digital in particular with the pandemic, are now mainly carried out from web or application platforms. So much so that it is a point on which all scientists agree that developments in the direction of digitalization will continue more and more. In such an environment, we can say that there is a need for user-friendly web design, which prioritizes usability, more than ever. »

You have to be creative and first in design

Emphasizing that a balanced approach should be taken in terms of usability and aesthetics for user-friendly web design, Professor Emre Tandırlı said, “It is essential that information, products or services offered through websites or mobile applications meet the needs of users in the fastest and most efficient way. At this point, we come across a strong design area that we call interface on websites and mobile apps, which has a psychological effect on user perception. Especially after the pandemic, the number of digital users increasing at a dizzying rate and the growing digital supply require further research and expansion in interface design. Indeed, it is above all the increase in the digital offer that triggers competition between establishments. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to unavoidable methods like being different, being first and being creative in design. used the sentences.

It is necessary to stand out from the standard conceptions

teacher. Dr. Emre Tandırlı said, “Reaching and satisfying the digital user is not only possible with a perfect compute infrastructure, but also by getting rid of stereotypical standard template page designs, providing different, simple and practical, one step ahead. of the norm, and offering creative and aesthetic design innovations. it can happen. With this kind of touch of art and design, institutions can only add value to their identity, create a voice in society and raise the lines of success. he said.

Thanks to the speed of the Internet, advanced sites can be created

Recalling that the speed of the Internet connection is increasing day by day compared to 20-25 years ago, Professor Emre Tandırlı said: “In this way, websites that allow the presentation of high-resolution data of all kinds of audio and video content can be established instead of stereotypical website templates similar to each other as in the past. The rich content offered can be created easily and quickly with colorful, different, creative and interactive design solutions. said.

Websites should be designed to be compatible with mobile devices.

Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Visual Communication Design, Professor Emre Tandırlı concluded his speech by stating that stereotyped and user-oriented standard designs should be avoided:

“Color, shape, emblem, typography, etc. consistent with corporate identity. There is a need to focus on interface designs that combine elements with aesthetic sensibility and offer creative, innovative and at the same time practical solutions as mentioned above. Another point not to be overlooked is the rapid increase in the use of smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets. ”


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