Website Design Mistakes That Can Cost Conversions


Creating a website is integral to the success of a business. People often forget how effective a good website can be in converting interest into actual sales. But far too often people make mistakes in their website design that can easily be avoided with the right approach. So in this article, we’re going to look at some of the fundamental mistakes people make when building a website that ends up losing sales.

Not advertising your website

It’s naïve to think that your website won’t need a single piece of marketing. Sure, you could become an incredibly popular business through word of mouth, but the reality is, you need a pay per click agencya search engine optimization expert and other marketers to help you get the word out about your website.

If your website is not appearing in Google search results, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Start researching how to market your business and make sure you don’t overlook this important step.

Forgetting to actually test your website on consumer devices

Most people test their website on the same device they create it. In many cases, that means testing it in the same browser it was designed in. It’s perfectly fine for desktop testing, but you could potentially miss bugs or issues that laptop, smartphone, and even tablet users might encounter.

Be sure to test your website on a variety of consumer devices, especially a range of different smartphones and browsers. This ensures that your website works for a large majority of people, which ultimately leads to more sales. If your website does not work properly or has errors on certain browsers, you will lose customers because they will look for a competitor instead.

Focus too much on design

A well-designed website stands out, but most people don’t go to a website to marvel at its design. Most people visit a website because they are looking for information, a product, or a service. So as long as your website provides that and the design isn’t an eyesore, you’ll be able to attract customers.

It’s usually not worth investing a lot of money into designing your pages if you don’t have one. website content. Focus on adding value first, then design.

Neglecting to add your contact details

A surprisingly basic but fixable mistake is forgetting to add your contact details to your website. Make absolutely sure that you have a contact page with your address, phone number, email and other relevant information. However, you also need to remember to have a live chat service, social media pages, or other contact forms that your customers can use to get in touch.

So during creation of a website is incredibly easy these days, there are still a lot of fundamentals you need to think about in order to create a usable site. These aspects are second nature to people who have experience designing websites, but for entrepreneurs creating their own websites, these are important lessons to learn.


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