Video Production, Web Design and Marketing Agency Miller Farm Media Celebrates 22nd Year in Business in Irvine


Miller Farm Media, a digital marketing agency that provides branding, web design, video production, photography and social media services, celebrates its 22nd anniversary this month. It was a long journey but filled with fulfillment and success over the decades.

Miller Farm Media started as a website design company and quickly added video production service in the first 2 years of activity. As the internet has grown, their services have changed to help their clients with everything from branding to lead generation by creating websites, photography, video, content on social networks and advertising.

Miller Farm Media was one of the first to embed videos on client websites. Although creating a video is much more complicated and risky than just creating a website, the benefits of using the right video in your marketing are huge. Social media has made video more important. There are more places than ever to advertise with video. Video marketing has changed a lot in 22 years. What hasn’t changed is the need for good storytelling; which is central to what Miller Farm Media does for its customers.

Video remains the most important service provided by the agency. “Today’s buyer is different. They are harder to reach, do more research before contacting a salesperson and prefer virtual meetings. Companies that use video correctly sell more,” said Jayson Duncan, Founder and Chief Storyteller. “That’s why we created the Video Alignment Method to help companies bridge the gap between sales and marketing to make more human connections. Brands that align their sales and marketing see increased effectiveness of their marketing and sales teams. This ultimately increases sales. If you don’t have a clear plan for how sales and marketing convey and nurture leads, we can help you create a sales system that connects your online efforts to the efforts of your sales team.

They have worked with brands big and small, B2B and B2C, helping companies sell millions of dollars worth of products and services. Due to its unparalleled accomplishments and expertise in the digital industry, Miller Farm Media is being approached by an increasing number of individuals and businesses to provide services. They have provided a range of website design, video production and marketing services for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

As a full-service company, the Miller Farm Media team also offers individual web page design and website development. Other services include social media marketing and production of corporate and animation videos.

About Miller Farm Media

Miller Farm Media is a video production, web design and marketing agency located in Irvine, CA. They pride themselves on their proprietary method for solving business problems related to video production, social media marketing, web design, and more. Companies with opportunities or needs in any of these areas are encouraged to contact the company for an initial consultation.

To learn more about Miller Farm Media, call Jayson Duncan at 949-288-3061 or email him at [email protected] Visit the company’s official website at to receive a free quote.


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