Seat Covers has a new website design that emphasizes convenience and user experience


New Seat Covers website for their Canadian and US customers.

Custom seat covers with a wide selection of fabrics for ultimate comfort, durability and style.


CALGARY, AB, CANADA, October 25, 2022 / — The company’s primary goal in the redesign was to produce a resource that would be more beneficial, user-centric, and responsive across all platforms and devices. We wanted to focus on making it easier for our users to understand and find useful information about our seat cover solutions for various vehicles. The website redesign was carried out by ACE SEO, a service company focused on Web Design in Calgary.

The information has been divided into categories based on the specific products for each type of vehicle. Our information center includes process and equipment articles to broaden understanding of how seat cover are designed and manufactured, as well as installation case studies to highlight the projects carried out and the added value produced for our customers.

The redesigned website also features the latest fashion news and trends to inform the public about new seat cover designs.
Take advantage of the new look of the site to custom seat covers.

Modern design and manufacturing company Westerner Seat Covers is focused on producing premium seat covers for cars, trucks and other vehicles.
With over 40 years of expertise in the field, the company has made a name for itself as a go-to manufacturer of high-end custom truck seat covers for various automakers. The time and effort we put into every seat cover is the foundation of our success.

Each design takes 150 hours to develop, with an additional 150 hours spent on testing and quality assurance. To ensure a perfect fit and use fabrics created to the highest standards, we manually take over 750 measurements.

We can offer the most excellent truck seat covers in Canada and the United States due to our meticulous procedures and attention to detail. Car enthusiasts have already found the best in the industry when it comes to comfortable, fashionable and high quality seat covers.

Westerner Seat Covers is pleased to announce the introduction of its redesigned website after many months of hard work and dedication by its team.

About seat covers:
Westerner Seat Covers manufactures a premium product that surpasses any other seat cover by fusing the best of contemporary technology with skilled handwork through years of expertise. Our seat covers are built to last and perform well, allowing our customers to sit and drive comfortably for years. We take into account the row of seats, headrest, armrest, size and model of the car to ensure that every seat cover we design is a good fit for any vehicle. To suit individual preferences, we also offer a variety of textiles including ballistic, camo, vinyl and leather seat covers.

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Seat Covers has a new website design that emphasizes convenience and user experience


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