New Website Templates from The Square Genius Make Website Design Easier for Small Business Owners


Designing a website is one of the most difficult tasks for small business owners. The Square Genius’ easy-to-use templates offer a painless solution.

Web design agency The square genius created a series of customizable Squarespace Website Templates that allow small business owners to create beautiful websites hassle-free.

Digital marketing is essential for small businesses to thrive, and a functional and attractive website is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy. A website increases the credibility and professionalism of a business – 84% of consumers agree – and allows new customers to find the products and services offered.

There are several other reasons to connect:

– At the beginning of 2021, almost 60% of the world’s population used the Internet
– 81% of consumers research products online before buying them
– 71% of small businesses use websites to display their products
– A fifth of all trade is now done online

Business owners who don’t have a website risk frustrating current customers and losing valuable new customers.

Elements of a Good Website

There are several essential elements to a good website. First, it should be easy to navigate, with menu items visible on every page, so users always know where they are. Next, use eye-catching images or graphics to attract visitors, but keep flashy elements to a minimum.

Content should be informative and concise, keep customers engaged and anticipate buyer needs. It should also be easy to update the site as products and services are added, changed or removed.

Finally, company branding should be evident throughout the website design, and basic information such as location and phone number should be easy to find. Above all, the main function of the website should be to win customers and close sales.

Square Genius’ Unique Templates Help Businesses Stand Out

Even the most tech-savvy small business owner can struggle with developing a custom website. The Square Genius has introduced Squarespace Website Templates to help entrepreneurs set up their websites quickly and easily. Four options are now available, with more models coming soon.

Each template includes an easy-to-use video tutorial to guide business owners through customizing their content, and additional resources are available at The Square Genius Blog. Full website design and branding is also available.


Website templates are ideal for those who need to get their business online – they are more cost effective than hiring a full-service web designer, can be implemented immediately and customized to suit the image company brand. The Square Genius offers unique design options to help a business stand out from the competition.

Meet Toni, the founder of The Square Genius – Toni is an advanced level graphic designer and Member of the Squarespace Circle. Passionate about engaging and creative design!

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