Industries from which you can derive web design ideas



If you are looking to design a website, you can take inspiration from various fields and industries. Some website designs are great for their originality, while other website designs stand out from the crowd because of how well the website works. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the industries where you can take design ideas.


These days, you can go on a great clothing shopping spree from the comfort of your living room using your computer and online shopping. This allows businesses to keep costs down as they don’t need to pay employees to maintain a physical store, although for this to work, the website must be designed correctly.

By visiting one of the major retailer online websites, you should have a lot of material to inspire you. One of the things that is important for a retail website is that the customer can easily get an idea of ​​what the clothes they are buying look like and it is important that they can easily browse through them.

For example, if you go to the Asos website, the first thing that greets you is a choice between male and female sections. Then you can choose a category of clothing to browse. This makes it much easier for the customer to sift through the clothes and is something you should consider for any website that sells things.


Due to the lockdown, online food shopping spiked intensely. Many more people had to shop online because they didn’t want to risk leaving home and supermarkets had to keep pace. They did it through the design of their website.

The design is generally quite similar for all supermarkets, differing more in style than content. The food options are divided into sections to make it easier for the customer, and the cart updates as you go, letting you see what you’ve added so far. This is another great place to look for design ideas.


Betting sites

One of the reasons betting sites need to be well designed is because it is one of the central factors in which people make their decision on which business to choose. While price or quality is a big deal for supermarkets, for betting sites how a website feels is very important.

Here, elements such as images, simplicity, elegance and user-friendliness are very important. You will probably notice that most betting sites have one main color that dominates the site: red for Ladbrokes, green for Bet365 and blue for Coral. It’s a good website design because the colors influence us and a website that is able to elicit reactions subconsciously is well designed.

Entertainment sites

Another great example of website design is all entertainment websites like YouTube. YouTube has succeeded in designing a website that compiles a large number of viewable videos on a single page that are relevant to the person looking in different ways if they have an account with the company.

The idea of ​​recommending videos to you after you’ve completed a video that can either be linked to the video or be completely separate is a fantastic design. The layout of the site is one of its greatest strengths, where there is very little actual text but so much information on the screen thanks to the thumbnails.

It’s the same with streaming services like Netflix. These offer so many options in such an attractive way that it is so difficult to choose something to look at. Indeed, choosing one thing also means not choosing the rest, so the design of the Netflix website may even be too good!


Depending on the type of website you are planning to design, there is already a lot of material for ideas on the internet. The best companies in the world all have very well-designed websites that you can borrow a few tips and tricks from.




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