‘I do’ attitude: County Clerk’s Office honored for wedding website design


While it’s no secret that Las Vegas is considered the “Marriage Capital of the World”, it still takes a bit of effort to let those looking to get married know exactly what they can expect. when they come to say “yes. ”

It got a little easier after a concerted two-year effort by the Clark County Clerk’s Office to redesign its website and create Weddings.Vegas, which provides all the information a couple needs to get married.

“It’s visually appealing, easy to handle, and there are multiple ways to deliver this information,” said Lynn Goya of Boulder City, who serves as county clerk.

The newly redesigned website recently received an America’s Crown Communities Award from American City & County. It was one of five awards given to governments for having a positive impact on their communities and constituents.

According to American City & County, the difficult work faced by government administrators affected by the pandemic, as well as the innovation, scope and impact of the projects were factors considered when presenting the awards.

Pop-up food pantries in Aurora, Illinois were also honoured; Benicia, California, and King County, Washington, COVID-19 response; and the Minot, North Dakota, Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Project.

KPS3, the Reno-based agency that helped create the website, also won a 2022 ADDY Gold from the American Advertising Federation Reno for its work.

Among the highlights of the weddings website is a feature to translate text into other languages, Goya said, noting that the county has a global audience. Over the past two years, the Registrar’s Office has issued 129,000 marriage licenses, 80% of them to people from out of town.

On February 22, 2022, the Clerk’s Office issued its 5 millionth marriage license and these love stories are featured on the website along with information on various places to get married, tips for looking your best, places to wedding shopping and the history of weddings in Las Vegas.

In addition to marriage information, the Registrar’s Office serves as the custodian of public records for all County Boards and Commissions, coordinates public records requests, handles notarial obligations, and allows people to apply for business names. fictitious, said Goya.

When redesigning the website, she said they worked to find the best way to reach millennials, the office’s target audience, as well as make it easier for all couples to use. Goya said making the website “mobile-first” was also key because most people use their phones to research something before heading to a computer or laptop.

She said the design had a bit of a mid-century modern feel to it, paying homage to the city’s heritage.

Through the website, visitors have access to an “enormous amount of data”, and Goya said he worked diligently to ensure it was clean and complete.

“What I realized was that the clerk’s office is a kind of county historian,” she said.

Goya was also recently honored by the International Association of Government Officials for his overall excellence in county government.

According to Carl Bates, who nominated Goya for the award, since taking office in 2015, she has “worked diligently to streamline services, reduce the office’s impact on the environment and save taxpayers’ money while improving the experience of our voters”.

Goya also worked with the Legislative Assembly to create a promotional fund that generates over $1 million a year and established a public/private partnership with industry professionals that became the Marriage Chamber of Commerce. from Vegas. After declining for more than 20 years, the county saw a surge in marriages last year.

Hali Bernstein Saylor is editor of the Boulder City Review. She can be reached at [email protected] or 702-586-9523. Follow @HalisComment on Twitter.


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