Florence and the design company agree to cancel the website design contract


FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) – A design firm that created a controversial logo for the city of Florence has reached an agreement not to continue with a separate contract.

City officials say Tatum Designs had a contract with the city, but it has now been canceled by both parties. Officials didn’t tell us the reason for the decision, but the design and use of an out-of-zone design firm drew heavy criticism from the city after the logo was unveiled.

The now-cancelled contract was for the company’s redesign of the city’s website. Not only was the contract canceled, but the website redesign plan was also put on hold, according to the city.

Florence Mayor Andy Betterton said that despite the cancellation and criticism from the community, Tatum Designs has been very understanding about the whole process and said the company could still submit an update. website when the city is ready.

“They were courteous and professional throughout this process, and I appreciate their work,” said Mayor Betterton. “Like any other professional design consultant, the City invites them to submit a proposal for updating the website when the City is ready to move forward.”

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